Message in a Bottle

This is a voluntary scheme supported by Billericay Lions Club, Essex Police and Neighbourhood Watch and is intended for use by any person whilst living at home. The scheme provides the Emergency Services with vital details of any illness or allergy, medication taken and the name of a person to be contacted in the event of someone suffering a sudden illness or personal accident. The scheme works by details being stored in a plastic container which is kept in the fridge. Two special stickers known to the Emergency Services and other caring agencies, are put up in the property - one on the outside of the fridge door and the other on a wall or panel inside the front door.
Supplies of the plastic containers can be obtained FREE from Billericay Lions or the Town Council Offices 



Recycle Sacks

The Town Council now has a supply of small sacks that go into the food caddy bins - these cost £3 for 50 sacks and garden refuse sacks which are £1.90 per roll. To find out more about recycling go to

To find out when your refuse and recycling collection date is click here.

Cigarette Butt Boxes

The Town Council has a supply of boxes that can fit in your pocket and be used for discarded cigarette ends rather than throwing them on the ground and risking being fined.