Originally the site had an old barn on it. It was surrounded by farmland and other barns behind the Chequers. Probably in the early 1950s (but may have been earlier) two bungalows were built on the site of the barn. The upper bungalow was demolished to make way for the Senior Citizen's Day Centre in the early 1970s and the lower bungalow, Uplands Cottage, was demolished a few years ago to make way for five houses.

The Day Centre was rectangular and of modular timber framework construction and had a brick built extension added sometime in the 1970s which added a small hairdressing salon. By the turn of the century the building had become rather dilapidated and there was a proposal to sell and demolish, but protests and a change of mind by Basildon Council saw a refurbishment which has carried the building through to today.

Billericay Town Council took on responsibility for what was the Billericay Day Centre from Basildon Borough Council in 2016 on a 99-year lease with a peppercorn rent.

Alongside managing the centre and increasing its use, the aim was to redevelop and incorporate both Council offices and community facilities when the existing building was no longer viable.

The Chantry Way Centre has now passed its intended lifespan. The condition is poor in places - there is a lot of rot - and the building has become expensive to maintain. A study commissioned to look at options concluded that it was no longer viable to enhance or extend the existing building and that it should be replaced.

Barn 1950

Chantry building 1972

Chantry opening ceremony