Citizen of the Year 2020

Published: 28 April 2020

Citizen of the year 2020

Billericay Town Council are pleased to announce the shortlist for the Billericay Citizen of the Year Competition. We had some really worthy nominations before the deadline of 17 April. Town Councillors are currently voting on the nominations and the 2020 Citizen of the Year will be announced in due course. Congratulations to all those individuals nominated by residents who are listed below along with a shortened summary of their nomination:


Cath Thwaites - nominated because she never fails to support the community whether at the Christmas Market, the Christmas Lights switch on and her support of local causes.


David Hayday - founding spirit of the Billericay Parkrun, an inclusive weekly event catering for the young, the old and the visually impaired. Over 38,000 people have now finished Billericay’s Parkrun since it started in June 2017


David Randall - has spearheaded the Christmas Market for a number of years. His oversight and management have been relentless and without his efforts the event would not tie so well together.


Helen Arber - Her love and joy for theatre has brought a passion for music and performing arts to Billericay and demonstrates the greater levels of determination, passion and commitment.


Richard Leahy - has dedicated hundreds of voluntary hours to the local community. He has been involved in organisation many of the greatest events in town including the Soap Box Derby. His motivation, energy and commitment to fundraising has helped ensure that many vulnerable and marginised people have benefitted.


Steve Ferdinando - a Billericay resident co-hosts a show on Radio X where he regularly speaks about our town with pride. He is currently training for the London Marathon and is a shining example of the community.