Main Hall


AV - The audio-visual equipment can be used for music, presentations and video/film. Music can be streamed via Bluetooth, HDMI connected devices, USB or CD. Presentations can be made from laptops (HDMI connection required). Whilst the screen is best viewed in darker light (blackout blinds are fitted in the hall), the 8,000 Lumens laser projector will allow presentations to be made in daylight.


Lighting - 4 dimmable spotlights can be used to highlight the front of the hall whilst the main ceiling lights are also dimmable.

Stage - it is planned to purchase a portable stage for future use. Please enquire if you are interested in this facility.


Kitchen - Fully equipped kitchen. This can be used for simple coffee/teas & cake events through to more substantial meals using its 6 hobs with double oven, plate warmer, fridge and sizeable food preparation area. Alternatively, using the fridge and plate warmer external catering can be brought in for plating up.
Theatre format 140 (10 rows of 14 seats)


Seated around up to 20 tables - approx. 120
(17 tables if stage being used)


Standing - legal capacity 314

Area approx 157 square metres

Chantry Centre Main hall
Hourly Rate
Community Rate



Commercial Rate


Chantry Centre kitchen

Chantry Centre Main hall with chairs

Photos courtesy of Claire Banks Photography 

Chantry Centre Main hall in dark

Chantry Centre Main hall chairs and tables