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The Billericay Tree Warden Group

We are a sub group of the Billericay Town Council formed in the autumn of 2017 to raise awareness of the various threats that our town's trees can be exposed to. Mature trees that are felled due to gap site developments and the thirteen Local Plan proposed residential New Build sites with its 2800 houses will inevitably take its toll on our town and countryside trees.

Through dialogue with those involved we hope to save as many veteran trees as possible. Meanwhile we are commencing a series of tree planting projects in the town. Our members are the eyes and ears of their local patch, keeping check that landmark and characterful trees are safe from unnecessary threats.

Our trees not only provide visual amenity but also act as a green lung by exchanging pollution for oxygen. Other benefits of our tree-scape include temporarily holding rainwater in the canopy to reduce the effect of flash flooding, keeping us cool in the summer, absorbing traffic noise, reducing wind speeds and encouraging birdsong and homes for wildlife.

Should looking after our town's Tree Heritage appeal, please contact the Town Council for more details.

John Smart - Chairman of the Billericay Tree Warden Group