Cancellation of Major High Street Investment

Published: 02 November 2017


 In early October, Basildon Borough Council’s Regeneration and Environment Committee abruptly removed funding for a major £320,000 investment project to refresh Billericay High Street. Work had been just about to commence with completion expected in November. Instead the funds have been moved to a new, vaguely defined project in another part of the borough. The sole justification made in the meeting by the Councillor who proposed this was that there was a “greater need” in this other town.

Billericay Town Council have written a strongly worded letter of complaint (click here) to the Managing Director of Basildon Borough Council highlighting the lack of transparency over this decision and the lack of detailed and sensible debate by the Committee as to why one project was more important or beneficial to residents in the Borough.

Planned work that will no longer go ahead includes:

*Street Lighting – replacement of all street lamps with a traditional design in keeping with Billericay’s Conservation Area, including LED lamps
*Railings – removal, replacement or repair as required - including the damaged railings by the War Memorial
*Benches/Planters/Rubbish Bins – replacement with a design in keeping with the Conservation Area
*War Memorial – provide uplighting to illuminate it at night
*Bollards – removal or replacement as required
*Bus Layby – bringing the bus stop onto the highway to enable widening of the narrow footpath
*Other – painting of utility boxes, consolidating wayfinding signage, replacement of tree grills, flower baskets and bus shelter

Billericay Town Council deeply regret the loss of investment in our town.

We will update residents in due course with the response from Basildon Borough Council.